A beautiful sensual woman volunteers to take part in her village’s fertility rite but not for the reasons her elders think.

Historical/Ménage. 3 chili peppers. M/F, F/F. Voyeurism.

The beautiful rowans rose above me like the sentinels I suddenly felt I needed. Though I’d wanted this experience, when I heard the susurrations of my people rising up, I suddenly felt exposed, as naked as I truly was. It tried my self-control to remain as still as I’d been instructed to be. I’m young but have been through our people’s rite of womanhood and I thought myself capable of the task. My body certainly felt mature. I was more voluptuous and more sexual than the other girls my age. But something inside, separate from my full breasts, long legs, and a face that most men seemed mesmerized by, told me it wasn’t wrong to feel the way I did about sex, about my body. My culture echoed my ideas, even if they choose to encase them in by religion.

Theoretically, the stone beneath my ass should feel cold since harvest nights were never warm, but heat raced through my body and through my pussy with such ardent intensity I thought I might burst into flame right there on the altar in front of my village. 

My anxiety passed, turning into excitement. I’d been waking up for weeks in a sweaty mess, dreaming about this night. I volunteered for this ritual not because I was the chaste virgin I told them I was. I offered because I wanted to get fucked and fucked hard by the man in antlers who would be my god-lover in this fertility ritual my people had practiced for ages.

The hardest part was to lie perfectly still, knowing I couldn’t be fucked right away. As I imagined what it would feel like to pierced by a thick hard cock on top of this altar, I heard the crowd turn silent. In the hush, I listened as the first pledge approached the raised stone slab where I lay. His climb up the steps took both too long and not long enough. When his face hovered over mine I realized this ritual was no longer in my imagination.

He moved his gaze from my face and brought it up and down my body. As he drifted his eyes over my breasts, my nipples became hard buds. Without laying a hand on me, he caressed me with his eyes. My body shivered and heated in unpredictable turns, as he turned his attention to my stomach, my legs, my already wet pussy. Would he be so bold as to place his mark on me there? Usually, someone did that when the ritual was well underway. I focused on the stars, trying not to writhe in anticipation, knowing there would be much of this attention to endure until I received my glorious fuck by my antlered god.

I gasped as his lips closed around my right tit, starting wide then slowly sucking up to my nipple, elongating it. My back forced up in an arch to get more of my tit in his mouth. It felt so fucking good. I wanted… He walked away abruptly and I was left panting and turning again to the sky to find my patience. There would be many more such kisses and they would be placed over all my body. Because when one of the girls wanted to fuck one of the boys she would let him know by kissing or sucking my body exactly where he had. My body was there to be a contract for future fucks that very night. Although, that’s not how the elders explained it. According to them, we honored the gods and goddesses of the earth as we found different corners of the woods to fuck in. Fine with me. Whatever the reason, I was going to get teased and tormented until I couldn’t take anymore and then I was going to be speared with the thickest, longest cock in our village. I couldn’t wait. But of course, I had to.

Most of the boys had already come up to suck and kiss my flesh. It seemed every inch of my body had been claimed. But when one of them took a particular languorous lick of my clit, I thought I would cum right there and then. I didn’t yet know that it was the touch of the girls that would tease me the most. When the first girl made her way to the altar and stood above me, my pulse accelerated so much I wondered if the crowd could see the blood pumping through my throbbing vessels. I’d played with boys before, but never a girl. What would it feel like?

As she leaned down towards one of my breasts, her long dark hair fell over me, gentle as a feather. She laughed a nervous laugh and brushed it away. Her delicate fingers skimmed the rise of my breast, arousing me in a different way from the stronger touch of the boys but just as erotic. When I inhaled sharply, she looked into my eyes and for a moment I saw a trace of the hunger I felt for her. She turned away and focused on my breast, the place she must lay claim to to get the boy she desired. She descended slowly and with aching precision. She pulled out her pretty little tongue and circled my nipple with it, taking gentle licks like a kitten. Her enticing technique contrasted that of her soon-to-be lover. I wished she could suck my tits like this when I finally received my ritual fuck. In fact, she could suck one tit and her future lover could suck the other. . . No! She pulled her lips away too soon and I moaned my disappointment. How would I last through all the girls’ touches and sucks? And, there could still be more boys who would come to the altar when they realized if they didn’t take the opportunity now they would have to wait another year.

As the line of pledges dwindled and my body felt like it couldn’t take any more, there was a moment when I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from screaming, “Fuck me! Fuck me now! I need to be fucked!” It happened when a boy who fondled me in my father’s barn, approached. Perhaps, I’ve led you to believe I’m not a virgin. It’s true, I’m not, but maybe not in the way you think. I’ve been fingered, and well, it broke my hymen, but I’ve never been fucked by a cock. This boy wanted to give me my first cock. But, I got one look at it and knew it was worth waiting for a better one. I had a feeling he wanted to punish me for that denial now. He did do his best.

While many portions of my pussy had been claimed with kisses, no one had yet gone right between my legs and thrust their tongue like a cock into its swollen, desperate depths. In one swift move, this boy forced my legs apart and fucked me with his tongue with an intensity that sent shudders of pleasure up my spine. I heard murmurs and gasps run through the crowd of people who watched. While not technically forbidden, no one had ever approached the ceremony in quite this way before. I gasped too, but not for the same reason. Unable to control myself, I jacked my hips up over and over until the point I was about to scream and beg him to put his actual cock inside me, which would have ruined the ritual. Before I got my wish he pulled out, leaving me panting and restless on this altar. The snort he gave when he walked away told me he meant to leave me feeling the same way he had the night in the barn.

Once again, I lay there trying to gain control, realizing if one of the girls wanted to claim him, she would have to take me in the same way. The thought tantalized and tormented at once. So perhaps it was better when I heard the priest announce in his dramatic booming voice the next part of the ritual would begin.

The drummers began to bang on their instruments and my people chanted the prayers of fertility to entice the gods to bless our harvest. In harmony with this rising music, I would be ritualistically fucked in front of everyone. The idea of everyone watching me turned me on just as much as the idea of getting a nice rigid cock inside of me. And, as I said, the man chosen was always selected for his length and girth. In honor of the gods, of course.

The overpowering drumbeats pulsed through the stone altar and into my flesh, driving me into an erotic frenzy. I felt, rather than heard, the ascent of my god-lover. I wanted to crane my neck to see him, but since I wasn’t supposed to, I had to wait until he placed his head over mine to get an accurate view of him. He wore a mask with antlers. It covered his eyes but I could see his nose and mouth and curls of auburn hair framing his face in flame. His nose was perfect and his mouth was lush, his lips full and sensual. And, his body was corded with muscle, worthy of the god he was meant to represent. He hoisted himself over me and onto the altar and I got my first view of the most perfect cock among my people. At least, among those of have not yet mated. A long slow groan traveled from deep in my belly and out my lips at the sight of it. It was as long as two of my hands end to end. And its width matched the thickness of my wrist. Perhaps I should’ve feared it would cleave me in two, instead, it looked like the most wonderful promise in the world. It throbbed above me, a symbol of radiating desire and potency.

The drums became silent as our priest bellowed something into the heavens but I was too crazy with arousal and desire to make out the words. As I wrestled to listen, the delicious cock suspended above me descended to pierce me. It seemed to go right through my pussy and up into my belly button. Instinct made me arch up to clench more of it but he pulled out completely to suspend over me, just his hands and feet touching the altar, no part of him touching me. “Please, more,” I whispered hoarsely, hoping only he would hear. I wasn’t sure but I thought I saw a slight satisfied smile flash over his lips as he plunged his rock hard cock downwards.

The drums started up again and he varied his thrusts with their rhythm, sometimes giving me the full length of him and sometimes just the tip. In between every push he always exited me completely, leaving me hungry and squirming and rising upward and upward toward orgasm. The only orgasm I’d ever experienced was at my own fingertips. What would it be like to orgasm in front of everyone I knew? The thought made me feel all-powerful, like I, too, was a god.

He gave me his cock faster and harder and I could feel the tension rise in his body just as I felt wonderful tightness in the deepest insides of my pussy. One more thrust and I screamed over the drums and into the night. At the same moment, I felt a hot gush of steaming cum shoot into my swollen, wet, thoroughly-used pussy. He stayed inside me for the briefest moment to make sure I received every sacred drop, then pulled himself off the altar and descended the steps. I closed my eyes and let my satiated body relax onto the stone, reflecting on what an excellent choice I had made.